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Re: The point of Yonkyo

Nicholas Eschenbruch wrote: View Post
While I was teaching yonkyo it occurred to me that I am not sure what the basic take home message of that technique is. I do not mean how it is meant to be done correctly, I am ok teaching that in accordance with my current level of skill, but what is the important aikido principle that yonkyo illustrates, be it martial, spiritual, pedagogic, whatever?

Of course I can come up with lots of general things that can be learned or practiced while doing yonkyo, but for most other techniques I have a much clearer idea what their distinct, specific value for the general study of aikido is. Not so with yonkyo, I realised.

What are your ideas?

Thanks for suggestions!

You will could see, nikkio, sankio, yonkio as counter to defense against ikkio/gokyo or rokkio.


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