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Mark Stokmans
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Re: Mistakes that taught you a lesson for life!

In response to Graham's bowing example, why are people assuming the instructor has an ego problem? The assumption itself shows ego.
The remark Graham's teacher makes according to Graham himself shows some lack of respect for his pupil which, as Clark correctly states, he should of taught better. Lack of respect in my book is an ego problem.

"Do you think it was appropriate for you to perform a standing half assed bow whilst i am on my knees showing a proper respectful bow"
As for ego, everybody has it, ask Freud. To me showing ego is not the problem, (call it being self-conscious) being led by it, having ego determine your behavior, that is the problem. Judging others by the standards set by your ego is a problem. This is what I gather from Graham's post, and his post is all we have concerning this situation.

As for presence during training, I could not agree more.

As for Russ' anecdote I have heard it before. And it is something you run in to in many many dojo's and also during seminars quite often. Especially in seminars you run into a lot of people who, in worst case completely ignore what the teacher has shown and make you do it their way.

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