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Lightbulb Re: Mistakes that taught you a lesson for life!

Graham Butt wrote: View Post
I was finished training and on my feet when i turned and bowed to my sensei, At the time i didn't think of it but looking back i know it was a mistake, I performed a standing bow to my sensei who was on his knees. I was asked afterwards by my sensei "Do you think it was appropriate for you to perform a standing half assed bow whilst i am on my knees showing a proper respectful bow"

At the time i was a 4th Kyu and thought about the situation afterwards, Me being a lower grade and uch much much lower skill level should have been on my knees bowing and looking up at my Sensei. NOT the other way around!
Honestly, I don't think you did anything wrong. It's not like you called him an idiot or something...

Things I learned...

Don't get too caught up in should be a pleasant endeavor I don't need egomaniacs to spoil my experience...

A real opponent does not hold on to your wrist and wait till you're finished applying a technique...

As I have always read in this forum. Aikido is a piece of the martial arts puzzle. Learn what is effective for you (it varies among individuals) and (if you choose) disregard the rest...


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