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this goes back to the early 90s....

does anyone remember the movie 'the guyver?' mark hamill had a tiny part in it. its about a guy who finds this backpack thing that turns his body into a bio-armor super hero. all the fight scenes are aikido based. there's even a scene in the beginning where he goes to his aikido class and gets beaten up...

and then there's an episode of one of lorenzo lamas' tv series. can't remember the one where he goes to his old aikido teacher for advice in catching some killer, blah blah blah...
Interestingly, the director of The Guyver, Screaming Mad George, was a sometime student at Tenshin Dojo. Some of the fight scenes involved highly stylized aikido waza. Matsuoka Sensei, Chief Instructor of Tenshin Dojo at the time was the one in the Guyver costume, while some of the other characters attacking him and then taking ukemi were played by other students from the dojo.


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