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Re: Gi advice (judo/bjj/aikido)

Got the lastest gis:

-- Isami super light-weight BJJ single weave

Nice light-weight BJJ gi with no logos or embroidery, good fit, not uncomfortably snug and not huge. Fairly thin collar but it's not meant to be a competition gi.

-- Isami "mid-weight" Aikido-specific gi (IK-100)

A nice gi with the "Aikikai" label/logo on it. A little long, which I don't like, but not too bad. Looks like the sleeves are shrinking a little to about 3/4 length, which is fine for AIkido. The entire gi is single weave, not a diamond-weave skirt. Had I known it was this long I probably wouldn't have ordered it, but it's a good gi, I may have it tailored. It was $85 + shipping.

I ordered both Isami through Chokesports. Shipping was a lot but it got here Really fast from Japan.

-- Spartan mid-weight hybrid weave BJJ gi

Good BJJ gi, I ordered it too big and am sending it back. Very nice though, heavier hybrid weave, nice collar, strong jacket, heavy pants. I could have exchanged it, if I were still rolling a lot I would use it. Very nice folks.

Larry Novick
Head Instructor
ACE Aikido
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