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Re: Gi advice (judo/bjj/aikido)

I'm really swamped at work. Having trouble getting my reviews online due to time constraints with training.

Right now my most favorite gi is the Padillia. The fit is nice, its very soft and has a good fit to it for me. The collar is very thin however, which could be problematic for competitions. I also love my Sirius ultralite gold weave. Again, the collar is a little thinner than I like, but the fit in A2 is perfect for me. Shrinkage in both of these gi's was almost non-existant with cold water wash and hang dry.

My list of gi's

1) Mizuno single weave
2) Sirius Ultralight gold
3) Padillia and sons gold weave
4) Scientific street fighter gold weave (Pro, not competition)
5) Atama single
6) Atama gold weave
7) Kwon single
8) Gameness pearl (on the way)

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