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Re: Gi advice (judo/bjj/aikido)

My next gi that I will be getting to review is very empty of patches as well (I'm not a fan of patches). I will have a review of the ultra-light gold weave version as soon as it arrives.

Another highly rated patchless gi (with almost no embroidery) is HCK. They have very nice pants as well (very thick). I do not own one personally, but my coach owns one and he likes it a lot. I found his jacket to be very heavy. But I'm not sure if he has the single or competition weave. I've heard their single weave is as thick as other's competition weaves and gold weaves. I plan to get one in the future as they are priced cheaply and give it a proper review.

The FUJI single weave is the gi sold at my club. It is white and very plain, with only the word fuji on the arms. This is a good practice gi, but I'm not sure I would like it for a competition gi. My coach has been asking me to try it out. The guys who have so far love them. It comes with patches, but they are not sewn on so you do not have to use them. I will probably pick one of these up later this year and try it out (I plan to buy 5 or 6 gi's this year to review for my blog that I want to start.)

The gameness pearl has patches on the shoulders and down the seam of the legs. All reports I have read say the stitching on these patches is easy to remove and the gi can be 100% plain. This is on my list for my gi after the Sirius (Unless I get the koral instead). So there is a good chance I will find out for sure.

One last gi I know about just from reading other reviews is the OTM Blank Gi.
It has no patches, no embroidery, nothing. Just a plain white bjj cut gi. The pants are 14oz so they are going to be very thick. I have no plans to review this gi at this time. But it looks like a very nice gi.

Of course you could always get a mizuno Eurocomp gi. It is a judo gi, but cut slender enough to work as a bjj gi. It is double weave, so it is thick and heavy. I really want one of these for judo comps, but it is a little pricey, so I'm holding off until the summer. My current mizuno single is much too baggy for bjj training.

- Don
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