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Re: Secret Of Aikido?

I asked Kono sensei what was it that O-sensei could do that you could do if you learned the secret of Aikido. But he told me how, not what.

So what could he do that was based on "the secret of Aikido"? The only possibility I have in mind appears in this interview:

O-Sensei: Yes. I met him when we were making the rounds after a celebration marking the 10th anniversary of the establishment of the government of Manchuria. There was a handsome looking man at the party and many people prodding him on with such comments as, “This Sensei has tremendous strength. How about testing yourself against him?” I asked someone at my side who this person was. It was explained to me that he was the famous Tenryu who had withdrawn from the Sumo Wrestler’s Association. I was then introduced to him. Finally, we ended up pitting our strength against each other. I sat down and said to Tenryu, “Please try to push me over. Push hard, there’s no need to hold back.” Since I knew the secret of aikido, I could not be moved an inch. Even Tenryu seemed surprised at this. As a result of that experience he became a student of aikido. He was a good man.

Is that a clue?

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Alfonso Adriasola

Yet so many deny and others continue to fail to understand- the impact of the above advice offered by the arts very own founder.
Their reply has been "what good is, a. resisting, and b. pushing."

Takeda said the best reason to learn martial arts was to become strong. Ueshiba in the above example discussed strength.
Neither one was discussing muscle.
But true, clear, power
The best martial art training is done in preparation, alone. Then the rest becomes much easier.

Student of Ueshiba I trained with
"This is Ueshiba's Aikido. They don't teach this anymore you know-it's not in modern aikido."
To the question of those in aikido not believing this is in fact the way he was pointing?
What do they know? Have they trained with Ueshiba?

Again and again through demonstration and example he pointed the way.

None are so blind as those that refuse to see
None so deaf as those who refuse to hear.

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