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Re: What does it mean to be an Aikidoka

Craig Constantine wrote:
I'm patial to: "to be an Aikidoka is to honestly seek the truth" [in oneself, in others, in your martial art, etc.]
I'd go with this as well. Ueshiba believed sincerity is the most important characteristic. I suppose most of us believe in a truth which is more expansive than our own self-interest i.e. that we are all inter-related and that senseless violence helps no-one. Also truths like yin/yang and harmony of movement. From a philosophical standpoint I wonder if any of us can 'honestly seek the truth', since we are only aware of our concious and rationalised (and not subconcious) objectives, and I'm not sure if truth means anything outside of a previously constructed model of reality or social agreement. However many people even lie to themselves in their concious mind. Therefore I suppose I would say 'to attempt to honestly seek the truth'

---understanding aikido is understanding the training method---
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