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Re: Capital letters in Aikido, Budo, Uke etc

Don J. Modesto wrote:
Let's see...religiously, church, shrine, temple, priest, sacrament...
<devil's advocate>
Aiki jinja (the Aiki shrine), yearly ceremony with priests, o-senseis religios vision about creating a martial art for life and not for death... but more importantly, all this gibberish about aikido making you a better person
</devil's advocate>

IMHO JAMJTX's reasoning makes it understandable why many people choose to capitalize the word aikido. It will still not make it correct from the eyes of mainstream society, though.

(Geee! I started a thread on language usage, and it has gotten kind of popular! I am kind of a language usage nerd, although it does not show when I have to use my clumsy second language... and so I am very happy :-)

EDIT: Note that the Aiki shrine is capitalized above because it is the name of a building, not because I think aiki should be capitalized.

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