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Re: Your Demon Technique?

I guess Im pretty consistent in my demons.Fifth Kyu it was iriminage. Any iriminage would make me freeze up, so I worked really hard at it and now its one of my stronger techniques! But for fourth it was the very same shomen nikyo ura. I had no problem with katatori nikkyo, just shomen.
And its funny how some people's demons are others' strenghths. Yokomen shihonage is my absolute favorite technique, it just flows for me. But I like shihonage so much it was the weakest part of my fifth kyu test, because the mind thinks, if I'm enjoying it, well, then, of course I'm doing it right...
And then there's jiyuwaza. Sensei has already told me that he will be paying close attention to my jiyuwaza on my test, and I do not feel it my place to remind him that it is not required on any tests until Second kyu...Enter. Turn. Pull technique up out of files. Keep moving. Enter. Turn....


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