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Talking Re: Your Demon Technique?

5th kyu - ushiro tekubitori kotegaeshi (Someone said they thought putting this one 5th kyu was Yamada Sensei's idea of a joke, LOL)

This is one of my favorite techniques to do and it can be quite beautiful.

When I was a white belt, which was a year and two months ago, I practiced with a black belt that really pushed me. There are a lot of parts to that technique and I had no idea what I was doing, so for much of the technique we worked on the lead. Man, he slammed me into the mat a whole bunch of times and I got the impression that he was taunting me a bit.

The experience really stuck with me, and rather than making me want to quit, I work on it whenever I get a chance and have gotten decent at it. I can't wait to practice ushiro tekubitori kotegaeshi with that guy again. Not for revenge--I just want to show him that I eventually got it.
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