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Re: Ki Eureka

Hi David,

This is an interesting thread. I think a lot of your sentiments can be described in Ushiro Kenji's book "Karate and KI" (although often in terms that seem too mystical and inapplicable--could be a poor translation), and only mentions the exercises in Karate as a vehicle to explore this ki.

I think most of us had problems whether to approach this biomechanically or almost mystically by describing this stuff in terms of 'ki' or 'intent' or whatever (which is what Ushiro Kenji does a lot). I think the important think to realize is that controlling 'ki' or feeling the sensation of 'ki' in the other person is achieved through biomechanical correction--that is, the way we use our body must be first set before we can actually feel the 'sensation' of 'crushing' down our opponent to our feet. There is an actual way that that is achieved, and I think we're in an interesting period where this stuff is close to being codified and industrialised through the methods of Western science. While, the concept of 'ki' (just as consciousness can not be, and 'ki' being a 'thing' of consciousness) cannot be measured by scientists, the 'ki-body' used to achieve that sensation of 'controlling ki' can be. That is, there must be a way of moving, a way of contracting certain muscles that allows the consciousness-the mind to perceive the 'ki' that in our bodies and in the bodies of other person, and these things can be described anatomically, measured, etc.

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