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Re: Can we see that aikido is all over the place in MMA?

Ron Ragusa wrote: View Post
From your referenced article: "The character 合 is a cover fitting over a hole or an opening and actually means "combine", "match" or "fit together" (as in a lid fitting on a container)."

When I began training, Aikido was translated as the "Way to union with Ki."
That's true, but it can be difficult to accurately translate a compound word through breaking down its component parts. "Martial arts", for example, has only a slight relation to Roman dieties.

Ron Ragusa wrote: View Post
What caught my eye was this quote:

"Morihiro Saito:

In Iwama, O-Sensei explored Aikido by worshipping the Budo Guardian Spirits and praying every morning and evening. And so Takemusu Aikido was created. He said the former aikido was not the "true" aikido. It may not be incorrect aikido, but this is what O-Sensei said. In Takemusu Aikido, bit by bit, new techniques appear spontaneously. This never stops, it is infinite like a spring. This is Takemusu." (italics added).

To me this means that Aikido is a process that ultimately works its way outward. I spend time internalizing the teachings, practicing the forms, the Ki exercises and such. At some point however, the process gets reversed and I begin to create Aikido instead of absorb and regurgitate it. And once I can create Aikido I can create it anywhere regardless of the nature of the activity.

I would say that the creative effect is the result, or effect, of Takemusu rather than Takemusu itself, which is an important distinction.



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