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Re: Is two Days a week enough?

2 days per week at a Aikido dojo,
+ 3~4 days per week at a kara-te dojo,
daily zazen,
being of "no-mind" and fully perceiving, especially during sparring class.

That's what's "enough" for me now and I am grateful for my familly and for my work that allows this level of practice.

2+2 would be sustainable during more busy times.

If you wish to move really well, then think of the level of intensity and the number of practices a colledge sports athlete does, say for three plus years. Assuming access to good coaching/instruction, that kind of schedule's what I suggest if you want your body to move instinctively fast, smooth, with effectiveness in under stress.

Twice a week of receiving feedback seems just right to acquire a sincerely taste of what can be.

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