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Re: Is two Days a week enough?

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From what I'm gathering from what you've posted your position is that a person who trains only twice a week is less committed to Aikido than the person who trains three times a week? Even if, hypothetically, that person has a family that comes first and the other person has no outside commitments?

Have you considered the possibility that for some people training two days a week is far more difficult than it may be for another to train four or even five days a week? Doesn't that show greater commitment on their part?
If you have a family and that family is of a higher priority then fine. I'm talking about prioritizing your life.
If Aikido is a higher priority to you then you will prioritize more time for it. However, I'm complaining about the attitude I'm finding where people seem to think they can get amazing at Aikido with little commitment. If all you can commit is two days a week, don't kid yourself by coming off like Aikido is your life...which I've seen many people do. If you can only commit 2 days because of family obligations, then your family is your life. Just be honest about it.

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