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Re: Really, grab my wrist!

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Dan said:
it is best to rise above individual statements and look to pedigree
Chris said:
This is an elitist statement. I resent it on a personal level, but as an argument I only understand it's significance from the stand point of one who does not question. You yourself have said many times how you didn't listen to people who've told you things abou the internal martial arts, or Daito ryu etc. I don't know why you of all people would make this statement.
Because we are talking history and not opinion. If you object to the word pedigree, consider this:
Why are you here with opinions about aikido and weapons?
Because you have what you consider to be experiences that vet those views. Thus you are either presenting an argument on the experience (proven pedigree) of your teachers or yourself.
No need to be insulted, its just that you didn't arrive at these opinions while working your day job did you? Neither did I.
Questioning things -as they were done- is one thing
Questioning whether they WERE done that way another
Denying historical facts as to what they are and how they were done and the assessments of professionals before us is not something you do casually.

I am choosing to present an argument based on historical precedent (pedigree) rather than personal.
Historical evidence and placing things in proper context is better than anecdotal evidence everytime. It also helps to keep things from being personal.
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