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Re: Really, grab my wrist!

My comments were not elitist. it is sometimes difficult-if not impossible to have a discussion of an art when we base it all on our own interpretations and practices as validation for anything you like..

You can dismiss those Japanese Shihans professional assessments and their recognition of their Koryu colleague's educated assessments of Aikido's use of weapons and resultant movements as elitism and politics as you like. While convenient, I think it is a distinct error to do so.

The use of aikido movement now with a sword in your hand has no relevance whatsoever to do with actual weapons based systems- to include in how it affects body movement,

You obviously think that all of the aikido techniques are designed to deal with weapons ...
I think that is incredibly misguided
So there ya go. Which is why I was pointing to other sources.

Then again I have met an amazing array of Aikido-ka who are convinced you can take a sword out of swordmans hands as well.
Thank goodness they practice with bokuto.

Just cause ya think its so...doesn't make it so.

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