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Re: Re-entering training after knee injury

Wynand, I'm the person who spent the 18 months post injury/surgery/rehab doing knee injury research as my form of training. The advice above sounds good, including that we don't know what you have injured, how badly, etc and we don't have any idea what "not 100%" means!
I'm NEVER going to be at 100%, but I'm at my new baseline, and have to adapt accordingly. Other folks, if they are careful, can regain a prior baseline but will always be at high risk for reinjury.

Much routine leg strengthening, including postop, does include exercises that place stress on the internal structures of the knee by having you flex and extend the knee with lots of weight-bearing (think all the machines at the gym, or putting ankle weights on and then flexing and extending). I would recommend focussing more on things like straight leg raising and static wall sits (for quads) and hamstring exercises done lying on the back with knees bent, as they are kinder to the mensicus and cartilage overall.

I tend to be the extreme voice that says: knee pain w/ history of damage? then don't do shikko, don't do suwariwaza, period. It's too hight risk, too likely to create problems that will further interfere with your future training. Most people ignore me....

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