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Re: The Role of Uke in Aikido Training

Ledyard Sensei,
Fantastic points as always, and I loved this updated ukemi post, which compared to your post several years ago had much more insight into the more internal aspects of ukemi. If possible, I would love to get a bit more regarding your thoughts on taking ukemi once things have begun to gel internally for nage. One point that I have heard/read you make often is that both sides are always practicing aikido. However, the early paired connection exercises seem to require "stupid strength" on the part of uke, whereas nage is working on "connected/internal strength". Do you have any tips for uke in the early stages of training so that uke is getting as much benefit as nage? I understand uke is developing sensitivity in finding that breaking point and giving feedback, but we have found that greater body connectivity is leading to much less sensitivity for nage -- to the point that one of our hallmark symptoms of good connectivity is that it becomes difficult to feel uke pushing/pulling on you. Thoughts? In any case, it has been fun to touch the surface of this and I am looking forward to digging deeper for many years to come. Thanks again for taking time to share! We are all really looking forward to your seminar!!

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