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Re: the purpose of suburi in aikido?

David Santana wrote: View Post
are you saying that instead of just stopping the cutting down motion, we should add a little upward (bouncing) movements? at least that's what I understand after watching the video sorokod posted..
Hi David, yes in effect.

Remember I said that the extension line out from center? Feel that line as you lift the sword up and you will feel at the same time centre opening and relaxing. Know that this is the line you are cutting through, without stopping. (hence the emphasis on through)

Now the word to use here is Allow rather than Make the sword return to that line. If you keep that line, that extension and and allow the sword to cut through and return back to it you will experience this 'bounce' effect as it returns.

This is the true practice of cutting for it is cutting through. Now when someone says to cut and stop the sword on that line it ends up being a chop. A sword does not chop.

O.k. So now the differentiation for when you look at videos of others cutting and stopping the cut on the line: First notice that those using too much shoulder etc. are chopping whilst those not are more relaxed, at one with and thus are still cutting thus the sword vibrates, it stiill shows that bounce effect. Why? Because they are doing what I said earlier and thus letting their power go through (cut through) even though stopping the sword on the line and thus the effect.

Knowing this and practicing cutting taking into account the points I mention you will feel the difference and become much more aware of what a cut is as different to a chop and how the power comes from center.

Try it, feel it. You'll love it.

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