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Re: Kokyu development for Aiki in Aikido

Ron Tisdale wrote: View Post
A LOT of power...too much in fact, I pull my psoas muscle where it connects in the hip area! That hurt...couldn't walk right for 3 or four days after ward. Too much power too soon...should be doing more conditioning work.
Ron & others, Thanks for sharing. It is very interesting.
Did I ever tell you about the time when I was younger and stupider (yes! It is possible!) that I was working on kiai...trying to figure out what fundamentally gave the sound the intensity and volume...and I figured out a way to make it waaaay louder....overworked that....and I gave myself the weirdest hiccups/flutter..that lasted for 4 days? i thought I broke myself.. That's only one reason why i repeatedly ask about the dangers of internal training.
i guess ...these are all subtle effects that have to ride upon the changed body....with conditioning implicitly you say.

I liked your post. anyhoo..

I have an quasi-unrelated question; is this thread about conditioning exercises for kokyu development for Aiki in Aikido? If not ; what again?

Is it rude to publish related text/links/etc from other people off other websites? Especially from people here on these pages? For instance; this thread: "The internal 'how-to' thread" . There is a lot in the archive but I do not know how it is perceived by others..and if it is rude to datamine and pull relevant things (/quotes/posts/ideas/etc) out of their original context. What do you, Ron, or others think? For instance regarding kokyu development there are exercises and approaches outlined (i.e. elsewhere on the interweb). Mike? You've published lots of stuff germaine to this very topic...

can anyone talk about the 'seam' that you are supposed to use to do agete? (Kokyu-ho). That term was used in another thread, but I thought it carried some neat connotations or possibilities. What is it you think the "seam" is between? i can't do it properly but had some thoughts (/research areas) .. not sure where to focus. Idears?
-between the in-&-out going external forces of uke
-between the circulating internal forces of uke (jamming & disrupting between uke's hara and their intent...stopping them from being able to 'push' (e.g. not being able to 'get behind' their own push...'in their body')
-between the skeletal alignment and the 'suit' of uke
-directly along joint coupled kokyu structure of uke-nage coupling? (but then how to do the 'lift' when uke forcefully pressing down? please don't say literally moving to the outside or along the periphery of uke's sphere of influence, is it(?) that's cheating..)
-absorbing the push inside your supported in-yo self; allowing the uke's push to go to your backside/inside you (i.e. inside the contradictory tensions); re-equilibrating yourself (i.e. jin & suit); to accomodate the force... and then issuing the force back outwards (i.e. inside uke to his center) as you and uke make a unit.. (words fail...even if the idea isn't wrong...)
Any clues from someone who can do it skillfully like Sagawa describes it? (or otherwise?)

just some more thoughts.

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