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Re: Kokyu development for Aiki in Aikido

Ignatius Teo wrote: View Post
NP Ron... I'm not familiar with how the Doshinkan does it 10 different ways, but I would suspect it comes from DR (maybe?), and it'd be in the 10 basic directions? I assume that's done in seiza? In any case, wouldn't it be variations on the same thing? I.E. at a fundamental level, expanding the groundpath in *any* direction, and using the breath to hook up the "suit"?
Well, internally speaking (???) at least some of the same things should be happening. The first 3 are seated, from a push, a pull and a hold. I think for our purposes and simplicities sake, number 3 from a hold is the best.

So, technically speaking, all those variations of kokyu-nage would essentially be variations of the same thing, would it not?
All of them have interesting things to do...both externally and internally...but the simplest is the best for our purposes I think. One of them is tenchinanage (6 or 7 I think) we're back to the beginning if we chose that one!

OK, maybe make it a little simpler... let's take a really basic exercise like funekogi undo where you're expanding/contracting in one plane only... same idea? How about doing funekogi without moving at all? I.E. simply stand as you would as if in preparation to do funekogi, BUT without the forward/backward rowing motion? What would you be training then? How would you be training? What is it you're working on?
This is an excellent question, something I was working on just recently. Basically I was shifting the weight in coordination with bring power up from the ground and storing when the weight was on the back leg, and sending power out when the weight went to the front leg, coordinated with breath in on back leg, breath out on front leg. I shortened the hand movements to more or less match the smaller movement from back to front.

A LOT of power...too much in fact, I pull my psoas muscle where it connects in the hip area! That hurt...couldn't walk right for 3 or four days after ward. Too much power too soon...should be doing more conditioning work.

Then, if you want to talk about "testing", have someone hold your wrists and push gently, straight in with a constant force, whilst in that position. Can you bounce/push/throw them off - without moving? How much arm/shoulder are you engaging? Where is your power coming from?
This time I spoke of was sans partner, and I was trying as best I could to source the power from the ground. I felt like the shoulder power was minimal, but I used way too much general tension (arms, too much tension in the legs). But the main power, though still "dirty" was from the ground.

And how is that the same/different to basic kokyu-ho where you simply throw the uke up and back, or to the side?
I have bounced uke in the past using this, but I need to do more conditioning so I don't hurt myself...


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