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Re: Comprehensive Yoseikan Budo book in ENGLISH!!!

Michael Crowell wrote: View Post
Man this book is great! It has some of my favorite kata: Jutsuri, Hyori and Tai Sabaki no kata. But I didn't find Ken Tai Ichi. Did I miss it? Or was it excluded?
I just looked at the table of contents and it's excluded. I hadn't even noticed that. I think it's because he includes so much katori shinto ryu and also trained with Sugino Sensei in that. I hadn't noticed. It's certainlyone of the major important katas that Minoru Sensei developed. And now that you mention it, Sensei's final kata, Sutemi Waza No Kata is also excluded. That's a very interesting kata, as well.

Still, all said and done, The Art of Jujutsu is very close to the book Mochizuki Minoru Sensei wanted to produce while I was in the dojo. It is the most complete work now in English and I doubt we'll see anything else with this much detail in English for quite a while.

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