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Re: Comprehensive Yoseikan Budo book in ENGLISH!!!

Hello again Mr. Orange.

I train under Pack Sensei and Saiz Sensei in Central Florida in a very small school. I enjoy it very much and train as much as possible. On off days from the dojo (which has been too often lately) I train every evening after work, practicing kata, and going through tai sabaki, suburi, etc. on my own. Although the curriculum is expansive, it all fits together very nicely. It reminds me of a pyramid in many ways. I am always deeply impressed how the blocks I've seen so far, fit perfectly on top of one another. It seems a lot of care and thougth went into building this pyramid.

I wish I could have trained at The Yoseikan, but I am quite happy and feel lucky to have the teachers I do.

Thanks again.

Mike C.

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