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Re: Peace

This is a great read.

In elaboration to my earlier post, I still struggle with some of what we now internalize as the oneness of aikido. Harmony is the state of the universe. Heck we live on a ball that would fling us into space if there was not an opposing force pulling us into the center of the ball. I am more in the camp that oneness with the universe is more of a "forest through the trees" perspective that we have in Western culture. I do believe that we are responsible for our actions and the consequences that stem from those actions. When we view our actions in a greater perspective we can more clearly see how our actions affect others, and the world around us. In that sense, we have the opportunity to become more sensitive to the world around us. I am not sure if this concept is peace, or simply the evolution of our personal responsibility to ourselves, our society, or culture, and our planet.

I also don't like the concept that peace is something that can be thrust upon me by another; I am not sure I buy the argument that peace is something that can be shared. I think we can express a state of peace but I am not sure under what authority I may enforce that state of peace upon another. My peace is mine, not yours (get your own). How does a widow share the peace he has made with his feelings for his dead spouse? How does a new mother share the peace she feels seeing her baby? How does a soldier share the peace he feels for killing another soldier? The kind of peace whereby some one tells you to be peaceful seems cheap and unearned. A good night's rest comes from a hard day's work.

Since I saw the buzzword I share my favorite description of pacifist that is one of those, "from the mouths of babes" quotes: "pacifism is what you call yourself when you can't stop someone from taking your toys.
Love it.
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