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Re: What technique would you apply to neutralize Brazilian Jujitsu attacker

Anyone know a legitimate BJJ in The Dallas/FW area?? Gonna go get some first hand experience. I realize a BJJ board is probably a better place to ask.

I apologize if I said anything offense to BJJ practitioners. I'm sure the talkers are a minority. I was tried. I respect BJJ for the practicality. Does seem like the places I've found are charging an arm and a leg to train with em. The BJJ dojo near me charges twice what my Aikido dojo charges per month. We do quite a bit of grappling in my Aikido dojo and I find grappling to be quite effective. I usually can hold my own against everybody except my Sensei. It's not my favorite thing to do I'll admit. I've never been able to take my Aikido sensei down to the ground and I'm 185lb 6ft. I'm going full out I might add. He's probably 160, 5' 8". Granted, I haven't trained in take downs for years and years.



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