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Re: What technique would you apply to neutralize Brazilian Jujitsu attacker

Right so it is now clear Jean has *never* tested himself or sparred with a BJJer.
Show me where I ever said that BJJ is the same as JJJ or even judo? It's simply not true. So when you try to show how your aikido can deal with a bjjer by talking about an experience with JJJ you're exposing your ignorance even more than normal.

Let me state again - for the thousandth time, that we do not look to dog aikido at any opportunity. We *all* say Aikido is a fantastic art for it's specific purpose.

But when it comes to the BJJ discussion - We have more experience of Aikido than you. We have more experience of BJJ than you (which appears to be none). Why would your opinion carry *any* weight at all given you are talking of things of which you have *no* actual experience. It's all theory and daydreams.

When someone pops up that says they have found within Aikido an effective counter to BJJ strategy (that is not BJJ), and that person has actually experienced BJJ with genuine ranks- then I might be interested.

But you? You're a kid reading books, talking big and fantasising about how you would wristlock Rickson.

"When your only tool is a hammer every problem starts to look like a nail"
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