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Re: A simple mechanical model of body use.

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Because we have aligned the structure of our bodies with the load, we have less work to do at any one spot. This I believe is the basic idea of "ground path". However there is a price for this. We cannot align our bodies in every direction at once. We have to configure our bodies in the direction of the force, and line that up with the ground in order to do this. Because it requires special alignment between the load and the ground, we will naturally not have this alignment in all directions at once.

This is a simple idea of how alignment works. I know that in the "IP/IS/IT" community there are other ideas about how to solve this problem. One of the ideas is, I believe, is based on "pressure". I would like to talk about these ideas, and create different models to show how the ideas work.

Simply aligning a load over your frame doesn't make it a ground path. It might be efficient body usage, but it's not necessarily ground path. Ground path also does not require alignment or require that the force/load be delivered in one specific direction. See Ueshiba's jo trick as an example of this. FWIW, you can also hold that weight as indicated in your unaligned support image with the ground.
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