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Re: Making Kote Gaeshi Work - With Resistance

Chris, cooperative...not compliant. Compliant to me means you are going with the technique. Cooperative implies that you are matching speed, but are not necessarily going with the technique (compliance).

Matthew, yes, you can be very, very tight with KG. Connecting in on the center of uke you can establish kuzushi without the need for pain. If uke continues to resist, moving your body back into his puts a tremendous amount of force in on his core and he is going down. I don't so much care about the arm or the wrist. I will keep ahold of it when doing weapons stuff lthough so I have control of it.

The whole "break the wrist and walk away, just break the wrist and walk away" is always there though and nice to have, but aiki wise I don't, as others think it is what it is all about, and frankly I have not found it to work well, I ain't that fast.

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