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Re: Does Modern Aikido Teach Enlightenment?

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But Dan, I said that Lao Tsu said it, thats how it got in the Tae Te Ching in the first place, so I agree.!...I got that!
Those who are enlightened need to demonstrate it but a lot of fools keep their eyes closed no matter what, neh?
Well sure, but just think...a nation of white people were listening and galvanized by Martin Luther king. Breaking the heart of your adversaries with a powerful instrument.

While not a direct comparison, I know so many very capable guys who were drawn to Aikido to quiet their souls. It was the cooperative nature that some ridicule, that they sought in the first place. Aikido draws people for many reasons, and not everyone looks to it for fighting skills. Hence the wide range of those practicing it.
All the best
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