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Re: Does Modern Aikido Teach Enlightenment?

With respect to all the many people who have spoken so definitively about enlightenment, how do you know what it is if you are not enlightened? Would you know if you were? Would others? If we don't know what it is how can we discuss whether "modern" aikido leads to "it"? This is without the fact that we don't even agree as to what aikido is, or was, or is meant to be. In answer to the koan, "what is the sound of one hand clapping?" the aspirant usually needs a smack round the head, literally or metaphorically. In the Tao Te Ching it says, "those who speak do not know, those who know do not speak", with the exception, of course, of good ol' Lao Tsu himself who said that from the other side of the looking glass.

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