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Re: Best karate style for aikido?

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You specifically stated that kicks to the head are "extremely rare" in kumite. I disagreed and provided raw, video evidence that kicks to the head are not rare in kumite.
See, the thing is, that you didn't show any such thing, and the problem is that you haven't considered the numbers. Let me explain.

I've been training for 20 years. Exactly none of that training is on youtube (because it was quite boring to watch). The ratio of kumite on youtube to the total amount of kumite done in the world is vanishingly small. Add up all the length of all the videos you found, or could find in a month, even, and divide that by the millions of hours spent by all the karate students in the world doing kumite every week. And that's just for one week, so a fairer test would be to find all the videos you could that had occurred in a one week timeframe.

People put stuff on youtube because they think it's interesting or unusual. Like kicking people in the head in kumite, for example. Just because you can find something on youtube doesn't mean it's commonplace; more often it means it isn't. It's noteworthy (ie out of the ordinary) in some way, and worth putting up for people to see.

My point was reinforced by another poster who can remember kicks that landed. They're rare, so they stand out. (And of course, if a good one does land, they're very powerful, and so tend to imprint themselves physically and mentally.)

If instead of sitting in front of a computer you were to actually visit a dojo, I think you'd find my point stands. Most people in the dojo will not be very good at head high kicking. You could watch kumite for weeks before seeing one land, although you'll see very many attempts.

But of course, there are some people who are very good at kicking. Some of their bouts are quite spectacular, and therefore end up on youtube. But even for these people, almost all of their sparring is NOT there. You only see the edited highlights.

Consider another example. You can find loads of footage/news article/etc of plane crashes on the internet. Because you can find it quickly, does that mean plane crashes are common? No it doesn't. Plane crashes are so rare that every one gets news coverage.

Your whole line of reasoning is flawed, so yes, I will back my 20 years of experience (which incidentally, has taken in quite a bit of the world) against your few minutes of youtube research.

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