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reyne caritativo
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Re: aikido and spondylosis

hi again! thanks for the advise guys. maybe you are right Dirk, i should not stop practicing aikido and should do it softer. i should avoid heavy training and do soft breakfalls instead. anyways, my first doctor advised me not to stop doing aikido and do all the normal things that i do, but this spondylosis got me thinking that i might end up paralyzed and that worries me. c5 is a very sensitive part of our skeletal system, right? and i guess this is a very serious matter. so i seeked for a second opinion and my second doctor advised me not to do any high impact sports for a while and have a six session with a physical therapist. i was treated with ultrasound gel, neck traction, electric massage with hot compress, shoulder massages and lots of neck stretching, but still my neck didn't improve. i still can't hold it in a neutral position. i had another appointment with the second doctor and was advised that maybe i have muscular spasms around my neck, that's why i can't hold it in a steady or neutral position. and maybe you're right doc, this neck problem of mine is not caused by my spondylosis. the second doctor also found my case weird. i suspect that maybe it's the nerves in my neck is the cause of my neck problem. am i right?
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