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Freaky! Re: Women in the dojo...VERY politically incorrect...

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I can't believe some of these responses twisting and putting spins on things for the sake of keeping up apppearences. Jun's see no evil speak no evil hear no evil approach to the thread. Attitudes such as these are great indicators of what is wrong with Aikido and why it gets all the criticial backlashand lack of respect from so many of most other martial arts. Denial is not a river in Egypt.
Um, did you notice that with the exception of the last few posts, this thread dates to 2005? It's another Attack of the Reanimated Zombie Threads.

As for sexism in the dojo... News Flash! Film @ 11! Stop the Presses!
Er...where was I? Oh yeah. It ain't new and it ain't limited to aikido. I have trained in several dojos where there was blatant sexism. One had an instructor who hit on and tried to bed every female student. Another was a testosterone pit with an outrageous double standard against women even though the guys believed they were perfect "gentlemen." Another was patronizing to the nth degree.

Aikido dojos are microcosms for the rest of the world. Why would we expect them all to be some rarified bastion of equality and fairness? Nice people tend to group together; un-nice people do same. Find the dojo with the nice people and stay there.

And would the last person to leave this resurrected, stale old thread please turn out the lights?
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