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Re: Is two Days a week enough?

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I think it's incubment on an instructor to give any student a reality check if they discover that training is jeopardizing their family life or financial well-being. That's pretty much the definition of addiction. If someone ignored the advice and abandonded their family to practice Aikido, they would not be welcome in my dojo until the situation was rectified. If you wish to dedicate your life to the art, that's wonderful - but not at someone else's expense.
Sensei Ledyard is asking students to commit 3 hours a week. The average person spends 18 hours watching TV a week. I spend a good 3 hours a week at the coffee shop.
3 hours is gonna kill your family financially?
I train 3 hours on Monday alone.
I've know too many Uchi Deshi and Aikidoka that do train 12/18/24 hours a week. THEY AREN'T FREAKS without a family who ignore obligations. If you love something, you find a way to work it in. I am not a freak with no family and obligations financially, job-wise or what-not either. People find time for what is important to them. It is just an excuse in my opinion to say "well that person has it easy, I can't do that!" It is shooting yourself before you try. Take a closer look and you will see everyone's life is just as complicated as yours.

I think this thread with all the talk of committing 2 hours a week being enough, and 15 years to earn shodan; there isn't much respect being paid to Aikido as a Budo. What is enough for a Budo? A Budo has no summit. Talk of 15 years for a shodan, and standards for belting, isn't even in the same universe when you are talking about a resolution to a Budo.

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