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Re: Women in the dojo...VERY politically incorrect...

It was pointed out to me a typo I urgently need to correct. Pls. read "Hyman" as Human, in my last posting.

As I blather and babble on, I forgot to mention the role group dynamics play as well in the dojo. Group dynamics is another influential element on those training in a dojo. As much as we would like to think that the dojo dictates it's own environment, it really is society, as a result group dynamics, dictating the dojo's environment. Group dynamics plays a significant role just as the ego ( both male and female) on how we treat, interact and function with each other on the mat. This is a topic that really needs to be discussed when discussing gender conflict.

Relations between men and woman will never be without conflict. The successful opposite sex relationships will of those who find common ground and work together toward a harmonious relationship that model the elements of a successful marriage, i.e. good communication, respect all around. Those individuals that fail at this and as a result relationships with the opposite sex on or off the mat need intervention, i.e. therapy. Because then the issues are far more complex and deeply rooted then merely the inability to achieve good communication, respect and/or the other elements required for a harmonious relationship of the sexes in the dojo. In relation to what I just said, as Aikidoka should there be a line between the dojo and our daily lives? Does Aikido philosophy stop at the dojo threshold on our way out? Saddly it does for some, and I guess they are feeling alone, and thus voice so loudly. Misery loves company which might be the reason for such "Silly" people and their arguements.

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