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Re: Women in the dojo...VERY politically incorrect...

Trish Greene wrote:
Guest Appearance,

With all respect,
Good questions. I would be glad to point out how my views relate to the topic of woman in the dojo. As the old says goes, basically, leave your ego ( both men and woman ) outside the dojo before entering the dojo. We really can't do such a thing. We can't drop who we are and pretend to walk into a utopia where everyone puts away and who and what they are. Our environment shapes who we are, society shapes who we are. To magically transform into another human being with different values and backgrounds doesn't happen. We color the dojo environment, the dojo doesn't color us. Sure we can change, over- time and through experiences. And that is at various degrees.The greatest change comes over many years, and if change does occur. I remind myself, that it is hard to teach an old dog new tricks. Simple electronic discourse with strangers about problems and issue is at best a hit and miss issue when it comes to, at best, resulting in possible change of our belief systems. Therefore, how we are brought up in society and how we think and feel influence or even dictates the dojo environment; how the sexes deal with each other.

This really is a silly topic, the battle of the sexes, has been around for ever and is discussed on thousands of other non-martial arts boards for decades. It is not a topic that is going away soon. I just hope people have the intelligence to recognize things have changed in society, and such arguments need to be updated, and discussed differently if people are truly willing to resolve the issues between the sexes. Those some people don't want change to the old argument and make them relevant to current times. By hold old arguments hostage to the past is a way to benefit a few. Maybe they feel a lose of purpose or power to keep old arguments alive instead of moving on to current issues that have evolved. The intelligent person recognizes that.

I guess adrongeny isn't a trait us Hyman's have. Men are wired differently then woman, boys differently then girls. There are expectations placed on boys and men that are different then woman. The key is to understand that and to respect it, and not simply bitch about it. Or enforce one's ego. Aikido is a martial art, as such things lend themselves to be that of men. I guess men are wired differently, and the social expectations placed upon men and possibly biological functions all shape the universal male profile, just as it is for woman. I recall a study that was done by toy makers that show no matter what they did in the manufacturing of toys, children's choices of toys where gender specific over-all. Also go to a play ground with young children and watch how children play, boys are wired differently then girls.

I think we hear much from woman about the conditions of the dojo as it is an environment that is uncomfortable for woman. I can see why, yet what we don't hear is that men often face the same issues as woman voice. Men have expectations of other men, and woman have expectations of men, i.e. no man or house husband is looked up kindly if he isn't or able to support a family. Men face a lot of issues in the dojo, that are over-looked or not seen by woman, which parallel many issues similar to woman. We are told to deal with it, and if we can't we are not men, by both men and woman. What we need to change it the expectation of the sexes. Many dojo's address that, there is little reason to address the few dojo's that don't especially when there are so many Aikido dojos.

Please take my post in a mild tone, all I want to point out is that change has resulted from the days Ozzie and Harriet, Edith, Archie, and Meathead, in society, and thus is reflected the Aikido dojo. It would be intelligent for some to move on, and the rest of us not to support archaic arguments, and thus, are silly.
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