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Dedication and Skill Level

Hi group,
My sensei was talking about training with high level aikidoka, such as Saotome Sensei. He was describing how when working with him, it's as if Saotome Sensei reads his mind. He moves to where you are going to be almost as if he knew before you did. He mentioned Saotome Sensei can generate a lot of power but rarely needs to since his timing is so superb. He added that sensei like Saotome deserve that skill level, after all, they've dedicated their lives to aikido. Rhetorically, my sensei asked "Can any of us here make that claim?" Of course, none of us could. We all have other jobs, bills to pay, etc. My question: Do we have to be able to dedicate every iota of energy of our life to aikido in order to gain true skill in aikido? I ask as someone who attends class twice a week when not on the road traveling for work. I appreciate the romantic notion of giving up everything, working for and living on crumbs within walking distance of the dojo so i can funnel my being into the practice. I'm just curious what other aikidoka think. Arigatou!
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