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Re: Oh My Gawd - did no one notice this?

Thanks Ellis and Amir for your responses to my post.

Amir, the less Ueshiba was involved in the naming of the new section of the Butokukai, the more I find my idea attractive. But Ellis has corrected me.

Ellis, I had understood the history to be that as soon as Ueshiba heard of the new name he declared that he would hijack it for his benefit. Your explanation, that pretty soon “the term aikido, which seemed natural enough to Ueshiba's art, was a free-floating term that no-one was using,” corrects me.

Nonetheless, much has been made in these forums that Ueshiba’s art finally “became” aikido in 1942, and that his pre-1942 students studied Daito-ryu followed by a transitional art that can be traced via the various names that were given it.
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