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I was struck with a terrible bout of insomnia last night, and began pondering the meaning and relevance of the term coined to define this most amazing art which the majority of us practice.

I wonder... Which of these terms is the most important in our spiritual development?
Does love generate an understanding and willingness to learn which in turn helps us reach the way to enlightenment?

Or does knowledge create the building blocks of self-confidence and skill necessary to project security and love onto others which in turn opens the path for ourselves and others to follow?

Or do we need to recognize, first, that many paths are possible and that we must choose one which we find pure and good, thus cultivating love and wisdom in following it?

Or should we consider that all occur at once and we shouldn´t lose sleep over such things as I have done now and again?

Maybe one of these is the "correct" option for the wrong reason, or I didn´t give an option you liked... I would be interested in your points of view...
Is one or the other more or less important, or should one be sought before the rest?

What do y´all think?
Forgive my ramblings but do tell...

At your service,
Christopher Wilson
Hito no tachiba wo kanga eru.
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