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Re: Students of Nishio Sensei

I rediscovered your list when I was searching the internet in doing some other research and I can add a few more to your list

These people are all 1st generation students of Nishio sensei that I now off who is active but not on your list

From Japan there is of course Nakamichi sensei (7th ?)and Kiku sensei (5th dan?)

From Sweden you miss Cecilie Stellander 6 th dan and Cenneth Sparby 6 th dan as well as Carlos Enguis 5 th dan. Uppsala dojo was very active in hosting seminars in the 80' alongside with what became Danish aikikai when Nishio sensei started to come to Scandinavia

I also miss Jussi Veihilainin 5 th dan from Finnland and Kai Koshkinen 4 th dan

Jan Thomsen 4 th dan has started to practise again and also Carsten Como Breuning 4 th dan both Denmark

In Thailand you will find Tony Taggliatelli (5 th dan ?)

In Poland there will be Michael ...(6th dan?)

From France you will have to add Thierry Daquin (5th dan) and Jerome Gardette (4th dan ?)

Also Larry( Lawrence) Kwolek from Czeck/ Usa (4th dan?)

In the mid Nineties I went to a seminar with Nishio sensei in Munich and I dont remember for sure but i believe it was Adriano Trevisan 5 th dan who was hosting the seminar

I believe they are all teaching at least on a national scale

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