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Re: Do you fold your Sensei's hakama?

Mary Malmros wrote: View Post
This is always such a great "this is how it's done and you're a dolt/oaf/cult member if you do it any other way" topic.
I've been away from here for a long time, just came back for a peak, and it seems like this is all any thread ends up being. That's too bad. If we all just get stitched pleats and hang our hakama, can we all be friends then?

I like the idea of having high kyu student fold hakama, whoever posted that earlier, seems like a good way to learn, I had no clue when I first got my hakama how to fold it. That would have helped me out. I'm still not good at it so I need the practice.

One explanation I've heard is student's fold their teacher's hakama so the teacher can spend that time taking care of dojo business or talking with students after class.

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