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Re: Do you fold your Sensei's hakama?

Some yudansha fold their hakama themselves and others don't fold theirs at all. But everyone does his/her own only.

Only yudansha wear hakama, so first time you fold a hakama will be your own after becoming shodan. So with your "expert" status in Aikido you are at least a beginner in something (folding a hakama) -> you'll realize probabely a bit later that you are quite a beginner in Aikido, too...

I guess I'm an exception in our group: I usually offer my teacher to fold his hakama after class.

@Mary: I'm enjoying this discussion because for me it is not the usual "this is how it's done and you're a dolt/oaf/cult member if you do it any other way" topic, but everyone just states how it is done where he trains and doesn't comment in this way on how others described their way...

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