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Re: Working with Jo

David Mason (DavidM) wrote:
It's just the complexity of the Jo, the moves, the strikes, the blocks, etc etc etc. I find myself not liking class when we do Jo work, and even questioning if I should go to class when we have Jo work.
I can understand you. When I started I was mostly interrested in the sword. In the begining I had real trouble to make the ski and the step at the same time in choku ski. My ski was so slow that it felt like if I would fall on my face if I tried to make the step slow enough

But it gets easier. I can't say when because I don't even know when it got easier for myself. I just realised one day that it wasn't as hard any more. I still don't make perfect ski but it's at least not that bad that I need to feel ashamed every time

My sensei says that weapon training (and I think especially jo) is good for really learn how to move in aikido since you (in the suburi) don't have an uke who you must adjust to.

So just hang in there you will soon get frustrated by other things and remeber if we would like to have an easy solution then we wouldn't be doing aikido

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