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Re: Ki to the Highway

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I'm still thinking about a conversation I had recently: Talking to two german teachers of Ki-Aikido they clearly stated that what is called "qi" in qi gong, tai chi, ... is something different than what is called "Ki" in Ki-Aikido. Not a different aspect or view of the same thing. But a different thing.
Well, I am from the old Ki Society and I do not see them as different; just different in application - Maybe those guys missed something along the way - if ki is some form of energy, as I like to look at it, they can be the same and simply applied in different processes to effect different results. I really think the answer to all these questions is in how one looks at the components of the heart leads mind, mind leads intent, intent leads ki, and ki leads body. If there really is no thing as ki, then why is it listed in that process? why not just skip it and say intent leads body? - all parts of a process have a function, so what is the function of ki in that application?


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