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Re: SD Question - Pizza Parlor Attack

Hindsight is, of course, 20-20. Of course you don't lip of to a woman with a 300-lb. bully. Of course you don't face off with said bully. What could be simpler?

Hmm. Far as I can see; this was as close to an unavoidable incident I've ever seen - good example of why 'if you don't look for trouble, trouble won't find you' doesn't always work.

As I read these posts; opinion is almost unanimous that the guy 'got what was coming' to paraphrase. One even said he would have stood by and watched - not because of the risk of getting involved which is either sensible or cowardly, depending on your outlook but because he's a 'big fan of people minding their own business'.

NOW let's look at it from the victim's point of view.
He's in a line waiting for pizza talking on his cellphone when some woman pushes rudely ahead of him. He makes the comment that is apparently the one acceptable reason for violence: "It's going to be a bit later..."
Just to be clear, I would not have said that myself. I'd have said "Hey! Get to the back of the damn line, you!" Go ahead - call me rude.
Ohhhhhhh - but you don't say that when her boyfriend is 300lbs!!!!!
Well yeah - but he wasn't there at the time was he?

This was flat-out an unplanned trap. Unplanned in that these two had no intention of going in to beat some guy up, but a trap nonetheless. Both were a ticking time bomb - she much worse than he. The 'Bully' is nothing more than a p-----y puppet 'standing up' (in his little peanut brain) for his girl, and using the excuse to get some free ego points at the same time.

OK, well the victim certainly shouldn't have squared off with the big dude, right?
Yo - Where was he gonna go?!? He was cornered - jammed in by 2 walls, customers, a psycho b*tch and a meat wall. Apart from that initial "WTF is your problem?" when she cuffs him, his attitude looked to me like the usual "Hey look now..." useless conciliation many people show. He was outclassed, he knew it, he was trying to be nonconfrontational.
No awareness skills, no defensife skills, he left himself wide open for the attack - not that it would have mattered.

IMO there was nothing the victim could have done given the situation to avoid the beating - the perp wanted to cause violence and didn't care one whit about anything else.

Now if the victim was trained? Diff story maybe, but I don't know, I doubt it. I'll bet anything big dude was armed - no need to pull it while everything was his way. If it turns around well......

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