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As some of you know, I am an Aikido beginner, having been one for 7 months (has it been that long?). However, I have noticed something about my ukemi.

My dojo does ukemi, every class. Starts with basic stuff, than slightly more complicated (jumping roll with hands on gi, etc). While doing these, I can feel my ukemi getting better while uke. One time (Tuesday night, actually) we were 'congratulating' someone on their birthday (a yonkyu), and we did so by extensive ryo-kata randori. I ran at him, as the others did, but when he moved and blended, he grabbed onto one sleeve of my gi and did not let go. Without being able to roll, I landed in (what I consider) almost a perfect sutemi. Now, why is this odd? Because my dojo very rarely does sutemi practice, and this was my first one.

Odd how things snap when it comes down to the line. If I had tried to roll out of that, I would have hurt myself and perhaps nage.

It changed my perspective on Aikido a great deal.

Thought I'd share,

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