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Re: Kentucky Schools Ordered to Stop Using Aikido on Students

Not only has the term Aikido ben maligned, but the name of a good man and program has as well. As a student at Ronin Bushido and a student and friend of Sensei Ron Boyd I've gotta throw in my two cents here.

It seems this whole issue is a case of legislators rushing to legislate before knowing all the facts, and reporters/media issuing a story without confirming all the facts. Most of this began with the Brennan Long case referenced in the links above. The state settled with that family for almost two million dollars which drew the attention of state legislators The system in question used on the young man was not ACT, but "Safe Crisis Management", another system taught in Kentucky schools. I believe when Mr. Long made his statement to the board (in the video) he was misinformed, but the board did not investigate properly to confirm his testimony and the facts. It all went down hill from there.

Another article in the Courier Journal even clarifies this... If you follow the story to about the half way point it reads

"Two staff members who reported seeing the restraint said Brennan had been agitated and not following instructions when Williams approached him from behind and, using an approved "Safe Crisis Management" technique, lowered him to the floor."

It's very troubling since it seems this whole issue is a case of mistaken identity (of the system) leading to reactions not based on the facts. As John H. stated above, there may be grounds for legal recourse. I think Ron, being the kind of man he is, is more concerned about the name of Aikido being besmirched than anything else in this mess. I'm waiting to see how he's going to proceed.


Oh, and forgive me for being overly sensitive but Mark W. I didn't understand what you meant by Ron's hall of fame induction "giving you pause", so if it needs any clarification it can be found via this link. http://www.unitedstatesmartialartsha..._Inductees.pdf
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