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Re: Kentucky Schools Ordered to Stop Using Aikido on Students

Thanks. The site for didn't come up with anything just now, and it didn't come up earlier.

Rather than representing the clip as what was taught, I would more point out that even Mr Boyd says his Aikido Combat Training is not related to the martial art of Aikido. Certainly others aren't teaching something I would have recognized as Aikido but using the name aikido.

It is possible that Mr Boyd has been maligned. He seems like a nice guy in this clips. I still have problems picturing a technique that would cause bilateral fractures of the femurs, and such a technique might have never been taught by him. It's not what he is showing in this clip, if this is the correct guy. He might have grounds for legal recourse.

It sounds like a very unfortunate situation has caused him to be blamed, and he might lose a very lucrative contract as a result.

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